Rotating driver's workstation - Maximum safety, physical relief and high handling capacity

The demands on the driver of a forklift truck increase the bigger and bulkier the load to be moved is. A rotating driver's workstation for forklift trucks makes things much easier. The rotating driver's workstation stands for user friendliness, best ergonomics and therefore more efficiency. High handling capacity and safety for drivers and transported goods are just as important as the quality of the construction.

Rotating driver’s workstation with 0° position
Rotating driver’s workstation with 90° position

Better view and safety

With the rotating driver's workstation the driver can turn his entire workstation and has a free view in his reverse-drive direction of travel. The risk of accidents is reduced to a minimum and the driver can react quickly and safely in the event of dangerous situations. By slightly turning his head he also has a safe view of the load he is transporting.

Practical application rotating driver’s workstation for forklift trucks
Practical application rotating driver’s workstation for forklift trucks
Practical application rotating driver’s workstation for forklift trucks

60% physical relief & increase of handling capacity

Less twisting of the spinal column with rotating driver’s workstations

With the rotating driver's workstation the entire workstation turns round, not just the driver. The driver's musculoskeletal system is thus relieved and signs of fatigue and risks to health are reduced. A study of the professional association Trade and Goods Distribution (BGHW) showed that the rotating driver's workstation reduces the physical stress for the driver by approx. 60%.

More rapid manoeuvring and safe load handling is possible due to better circumferential visibility and the physical relief of the driver. Consequence: increasing work efficiency and handling capacity.

High user friendliness

The operation of the rotating driver's workstation is simple and intuitive. The entire workstation including seat with operating unit, steering wheel and pedals is brought into the desired position with a simple hand movement. Turning the seat when changing the direction of travel is not necessary. The driver can drive backwards and forwards in rotated seat position - with optimum circumferential visibility.

Advantages and benefits at a glance: Rotating driver's workstation for forklift trucks

  • 60% physical relief → High satisfaction of the drivers and less downtimes due to illness
  • Better view → Improved view in the direction of travel when driving in reverse
  • Increased safety → Reduction of dangerous situations and work accidents
  • Rapid load handling → Increase of handling capacity
  • Simple operation → Intuitive operation for safe handling
  • Robust construction → Long service life and low costs for maintenance and repairs

Models and types

The rotating driver's workstation by Linde is available for both electro forklift trucks and for forklift trucks with combustion engines. A subsequent assembly of a rotating driver's workstation in an existing Linde forklift truck is possible without any problem.

NEUMAIER INDUSTRY – Developer and manufacturer

The rotating driver's workstation is an option available for Linde forklift trucks and is sold worldwide by Linde authorized dealers. As long-standing Linde systems partner we developed, designed and lead the rotating driver's workstation together with Linde until it was ready to go on the market and into mass production. The production and manufacture of the rotating driver's workstation is carried out entirely at our factory.

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