Autogenic cutting: Cutting with up to 4 cutting heads

We can now use our MultiTherm autogenic cutting machine manufactured by Messer Cutting Systems to produce your metal sheet blanks with maximum accuracy and efficiency. Autogenic cutting is mainly used for medium and larger sheet metal thicknesses. The autogenic cutting machine can be operated with up to 4 cutting heads. The ALFA machine cutters are equipped with inductive electronic height control. We have punch assemblies for marking and punching.

Autogenic cutting is a type of thermal cutting of steel, where the metal heated to ignition temperature beforehand burns with an oxygen gas beam and is blown out of the kerf. The torch is guided continuously along the kerf so that it cannot introduce sufficient energy into the work-piece to melt it. The basic material, i.e. the plate to be cut, can therefore not be heated to melting point without oxidation. A clean kerf, strongly separated from the basic material is the result.

Autogenic cutting performance data

MultiTherm 4000 Autogenic Cutting Machine

Cutting operation:
- Cutting with up to 4 cutting heads
- ALFA thermal cutters with internal ignition
  and inductive electronic height control
- Punch assemblies for marking and punching

Working area:
max. 8,000mm x 3,000mm per machine

Material thickness:
up to 200mm

Autogenic cutting with up to 4 cutting heads
Autogenic cutting with up to 4 cutting heads

Autogenic cutting still has considerable economic advantages despite the increasing importance of other cutting procedures such as laser cutting or water jet cutting. In particular when cutting thick sheets, autogenic cutting is an economic cutting procedure, where a clean and smooth cutting edge is obtained. In addition, it is possible to cut with up to 4 torches at the same time in multiple head operation.

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