Edge bending: CNC bending with 4 press brake machines

Customer requirements in the field of bending can be perfectly implemented in our edge bending department with a total of 4 highly modern CNC Bystronic press brake machine. We can produce your sheet metal bending parts with a maximum pressing force of 800 tons and a bending length of max. 6,200 mm. All 4 bending units obtain a first class bending result and are equipped with maximum technical possibilities.

The Bystronic press brake machines are all equipped with the same control system and the same tools. This enables us to maintain an optimum machine performance and therefore flexible and rapid production of customer orders, both in the case of single-item components and series production. Our press brake machines are controlled by CNC-control system. This enables us to also simulate the planned bending process. Test bends are therefore not necessary. The first part is also a good part.

Bending performance data

4 x Bystronic press prake machine

Pressing force:
up to max. 800t

Bending length:
up to max. 6,200mm

Assembly height:
up to max. 1,150mm 

Sheet thickness:
up to max. 25mm

Lifting height:
up to max. 865mm

Bending hall with 4 Bystronic press brake machines
Bending hall with 4 Bystronic press brake machines

The bending sheet metal is an important procedure in industrial sheet metal processing. For the sheet metal can only be formed into the desired shape using the bending procedure. To do so the sheet metal is pressed into the lower tool (die) by the upper tool (stamp). Many tool variations and dies are available for the various requirements on angle and radii. The sheet metal to be bent is placed on a stop, so that the bending process is carried out as efficiently as possible. The result is a perfect bend and optimum basis for the further processing of the sheet metal product.

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