Truck fleet

A quick and flexible delivery of customer components is just as much part of our range of services as high quality sheet metal parts. We ensure this with our own truck fleet consisting of several traction engines and trucksters. We are on the move for you every day.

With our own truck fleet we guarantee a rapid and uncomplicated delivery of your sheet metal parts. We also handle the logistics with our suppliers with our own truck fleet. For example, the sheet metals parts can be cut and canted at our factory in the morning, go to the supplier in the afternoon for further processing and be picked up again the following day. After the incoming merchandise check in our quality assurance department the parts then go immediately to the despatch department and are delivered to the customer.

Truck fleet performance data

  • Own truck fleet with several traction engines and trucksters
  • Quick, flexible and punctual delivery
  • Delivery free house

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