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Mountain restaurant Giggijoch in the ski resort in Sölden

The mountain restaurant Giggijoch in the ski area in Sölden at approx. 2,300 meters has a load train Factory Train FT510 in use. The load train Factory Train FT510 with two platform load carriers supplies the mountain restaurant with fresh food daily via a 150-meter-long tunnel that runs under the ski slope. Here the factory train climbs gradients up to 15%. Even difficult to negotiate bottlenecks and S-curves pose no problem for the load train Factory Train thanks to the electronically controlled steering. The load train drives through the tunnel system like it is running on rails.

Alpine intralogistics under the ski slopes of Sölden - The load train Factory Train FT510 serves the mountain restaurant, at 2,283 meters, with fresh food

In the restaurant Giggijoch you can order fresh cakes, plum dumplings and strawberries at an altitude of 2,283 meters at a temperature of minus 12 degrees in the Ötztal Alps. A logistical masterpiece made possible by the load train Factory Train FT510.

During the seasonal operation, around 4,000 guests are provided with food and drinks every day at the Giggijoch in Sölden (Austria).  The question is, how is the 2000 kilos of fresh food collected to such an altitude daily?

The secret: Under the piste runs a 150 meter long tunnel that connects the mountain station with the mountain restaurant Giggijoch. In this tunnel, the load train Factory Train FT510 plays the main role. Usually, load trains are normally only associated with industry production and assembly lines.

The great strength of the load train Factory Train FT510 is its excellent manoeuvrability - and it can prove it perfectly in the Sölden ski area. In the tunnel, gradients of up to 15 percent have to be overcome.  Several difficult narrow passages, bottlenecks and even an S-shaped curve are no problem for the Factory Train.  In addition the gap between the walls and the factory train is often only a hands width.

How can the load train Factory Train still manoeuvre through the tunnel with two trailers without bumping into it? Quite simply: All the trailer modules steer and the load train effectively drives through the tunnel like it is on rails! In addition, thanks to neon yellow arrow markings on the walls, the driver knows the optimum moment to steer the towing vehicle.

The load train Factory Train FT510 has been in operation since autumn 2016. Manuel Köll, Deputy Operations Manager at Bergbahnen Sölden, is enthusiastic: "We were looking for a vehicle that could handle the conditions, manage the weight and above all the incline", says Köll. The solution with the load train Factory Train was perfect: "The load carriers are unrivalled", says Köll: "We can load all goods from the HGV to the gondola and the load train without needing to change the load trolleys".

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