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FT600 Factory Train – Automated load train

The Factory Train FT600 automated load train has been specially designed for automated logistics processes. In the FT600 series, the lifting function is integrated into the load carriers. This enables high positioning accuracy and height flexibility in loading and unloading at the transfer station.

Automated load train Factory Train FT600

Load carriers for automated loading processes

The automated load train series Factory Train FT600 can be operated both partially automated and fully automated. This means that the load train can be driven manually by an operator as before, or it can also drive automated. The loading processes can also be manual or automated. Different load carrier systems are available for the automated loading process: Amongst others, load carriers with chain conveyor for automated loading/unloading from/to roller conveyors or telescopic forks for the automated pick-up of secured/braked sliding load carriers such as trolleys/roll racks or even pallets that stand on the floor.

Load carriers with telescopic forks

Load carriers with telescopic forks

With the load carrier with automatically extendable telescopic forks, secured/braked sliding load carriers such as trolleys/roll racks or even pallets (transverse and longitudinal) can be picked up and released automatically.

  • One-sided loading/unloading
  • Automatically extendable telescopic forks
  • Automated pick-up of trolleys/pallets (transverse and longitudinal)

Load carrier with conveyor system

Load carrier with conveyor system

With the conveyor belt load, the load carriers can be picked up directly from powered roller conveyors or delivered to the driven roller conveyors. The pick-up and delivery height can be approached automatically by the lifting gear integrated in the load carrier.

  • Double-sided loading/unloading
  • Automatic transfer to driven roller conveyors
  • Collection of several loads possible

Personal protection system (PPS): Full monitoring of the entire load train

In the FT600 automated Factory Train load train, not only is the tractor environment secured in the direction of travel, but the entire train is permanently and fully monitored by a personal protection system (PPS). From the tractor to the last trailer, the load train is covered with a "protective field", so to speak. Several safety scanners secure the load train, both the direction of travel and the lateral areas are permanently monitored. The safety scanners are integrated in the tractor and also in each individual load carrier. The safety scanners scan the surroundings and generate a warning and protective field around the FT600 load train. If a person enters the load train environment, the warning field becomes active and the load train reduces its speed. If the person then reaches the protective field, the load train stops immediately.

When driving straight ahead, everything seems fairly straightforward. But how does the monitoring function work when cornering, when the safety scanners run the risk of identifying the train itself as an "obstacle"? Once again, the Neumaier Factory Train load train offers a solution. Thanks to innovative technology and the network of the entire train formation to work as one vehicle, the load train recognises the bend radius and reacts accordingly.

In the previous automated load train types only the tractor vehicle is equipped with a PPS. The trailers are not monitored nor is the environment of the route train. This presented HIGH DANGER for people entering the load train environment.
The FT600 automated Factory Train load train is completely monitored. The complete load train is equipped with PPS (towing vehicle and all carriers). The complete load train environment is permanently monitored, even when driving around bends. This means: NO DANGER for people entering the load train environment.

Outdoor travel with the automated load train Factory Train FT600

What was previously not possible is now possible with the new Factory Train FT600 load train. Because the FT600 can also run automatically in outdoor areas. Until now, automated outdoor travel has always failed due to scanner technology. But with the new safety laser scanner from SICK AG this is now possible. The SICK outdoorScan3 has been specially developed for outdoor use and works flawlessly even under weather conditions such as sun, rain, snow and fog, thus ensuring a stable and above all safe and reliable process.

Automated and fully monitored: Neumaier load train Factory Train FT600 in outdoor use.

Cornering speed reduction and electronic braking system

Like the manually operated Factory Train load trains, the automated Factory Train FT600 also features automatic speed reduction when cornering. In this case, the entire train formation is decelerated during cornering. The speed remains throttled until the entire train has exited the bend and is driving straight ahead. This feature, which comes as standard with all models in the Factory Train series, eliminates the whiplash effect.

Electrically controlled braking system for the load train

Another advantage of the automated Factory Train FT600 is an electronic single-wheel brake system with ABS and emergency brake function, which can be installed on all steering axles in the train. In automation, shorter braking distances mean higher driving speeds since the train stops at a shorter distance. In addition, the load train brakes evenly and comes to a gradual and safe stop in an extended state thanks to the use of the electronic single-wheel brake system. This prevents dangerous sliding of the load carriers and ensures that the entire train formation always stays in its track.

AGV FS400 Factory Shuttle – Compact and Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Driverless Transport Shuttle FS400 Factory Shuttle
Driverless Transport Shuttle FS400 Factory Shuttle

Compact, manoeuvrable and customised – the Factory Shuttle FS400 Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is a versatile AGV and offers everything required for modern and efficient factory automation. Due to a standardised modular principle, the AGV Factory Shuttle FS400 can be configured specifically to the customer’s processes and load carriers. This way the internal material flows can be automated in the best possible way, costs can be saved and safety can be increased.

The Factory Shuttle AGV is a transport shuttle and is driven in the base by a 2-way steering system. The navigation and orientation of the AGV can be optionally operated by geo-navigation with SLAM or magnetic point RFID. Hybrid navigation (a combination of different navigation modes in the AGV) is also possible. The FS400 Automated Guided Vehicle is powered by a lithium iron phosphate (Li-FePo4) battery with an automatic charging function. PL-d laser scanners are used in the AGV transport shuttles to ensure safe driving and maximum personal protection. In addition, the FS400 AGV has other safety features and lighting systems such as directional flasher and BlueSpot.

The payloads of the AGV FS400 series ranges from 400 kg to max. 3,000 kg. The integrated electric lifting gear achieves a lifting height of 100 mm in the standard version. Various load handling devices are available for picking up and delivering loads, such as forks or conveyor technology for picking up/delivering from or onto roller conveyors.

FL600 Factory Lift – Automated high lift stacker

The pallet handling is also automated by NI-AUTOMATION. The high lift stacker is equipped with a 2-way or 4-way steering system and can therefore offer the best manoeuvrability for picking up/delivering the pallet units. Integrated scanners take over the recognition and the exact positioning on the pallet. Barcodes can also be scanned automatically.

Like the automated load train FT Factory Train and the driverless unterride AGV FS Factory Shuttle, the automated high lift stacker also has an all-round monitoring system with a personal protection system (PPS). Navigation is carried out by a localization scanner via geonavigation.

Automated high lift stacker Factory Lift FL600

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