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Load train Factory Train – the safest and most efficient solution for your in-house material flow

Videos and usage reports from the load train Factory Train. See the load train Factory Train in real-life use at customer sites and experience the versatility and flexibility of the load train Factory Train.

Modular design, three series and different load carrier systems. The load train Factory Train offers just the right solution for your load train application - tailor-made to your requirements.

Innovative technology in series with optional equipment installations. With the load train Factory Train you can handle your in-house logistics processes efficiently and safely.

Automated load train and holistic automation solutions for intralogistics. Automate your in-house flows of goods with the load train Factory Train and increase process reliability and productivity.


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Load trains are indispensable in today's intralogistics. They represent an important and central component in the internal material supply. Just-in-time deliveries, lean processes, optimised resource utilisation and increased safety are the objectives of load trains.

With the load train Factory Train you can reach all these goals. The tailor-made load trains of the Factory Train series have a modular structure and technically offer the best that is available on the market. From simple applications with one-sided forklift loading to complex applications with loading on both sides in the outdoor area to automated solutions with connection to the in-house Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The load train Factory Train has the right solution for all your requirements.

With standardised chassis sizes and customised load carrier systems, the load train Factory Train will not only make your workflow more efficient and safer, but also provide your employees with a comfortable and ergonomic work environment.

  • Customised load train solutions
  • Economical and secure intralogistics
  • Integrated automation solutions
  • Driverless transport systems
  • Innovative and future-proof technology

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