AGV Factory Shuttle FS400 at Grammer in Zwickau

Supplier for the automobile industry worldwide has introduced holistic AGV solution from Neumaier.

“This makes automation fun.” – this statement from Ralf Hohenwaldt says everything. The overall logistics manager of Grammer AG for EMEA is very happy with the automation project. The processes are running smoothly and all objectives set have been more than fulfilled with the AGV solutions provided by Neumaier.

But first things first. At the location of Grammer in Zwickau they were looking for an automated intralogistics solution. On one hand forklift traffic had to be reduced and on the other hand automation technologies should increase effectiveness and efficiency. Grammer wants to face the age of digitalisation in the intralogistics sector and automate as many processes as possible.

When selecting an automation partner, the overall solution and flexibility were very important to Grammer. “We have decided to use Neumaier as our supplier as we can get everything from one company; with a holistic and individually tailored solution to meet our requirements.” says Hohenwaldt.

At the Grammer plant in Zwickau various production lines are being supplied and supported by the Neumaier Factory Shuttle FS400 under-drive AGV since mid-2020. The under-drive AGVs are used by us in a 3-shift rotation and enable a safe material flow. “The machine operator has the option to call the AGV via a touch display.” says Ronny Teuchert Head of Logistics in Zwickau. “The AGV then takes the respective item to be returned to the work station and picks up the loaded goods and takes it back to the warehouse. “ explains Teuchert further.

Project scope

In addition to the 5 AGV's Factory Shuttle FS400 with multiple sources and sinks, the entire automation project also includes several touch displays with visual representation for easy order triggering, stationary transfer stations, special trolleys, communication link with the fire alarm system, automatic charging stations and also a management system. The navigation and location of the FS400 under-drive FTS is controlled by geo navigation / SLAM.

Together with our sales and service partner in the region of southwest and central Saxony, Sander Fördertechnik GmbH from Chemnitz, we took on Grammer's requirements and were able to implement the project together successfully and to the complete satisfaction of our customer.

Grammer AG

Grammer AG, headquartered in Ursensollen, Germany, is specialised in two areas: Grammer develops and produces high-quality interior and operating systems as well as innovative thermoplastic components for the global car industry. For lorries, trains, buses and off-road vehicles, Grammer is a full-service provider of driver and passenger seats.

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