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Schnellecke Logistics supplies BMW with load train Factory Train

The Schnellecke Group at its base in Dingolfing organises the intralogistics supply chain for the BMW Group in Landshut with in total 8 load train Factory Trains from Neumaier. The uniqueness: The supply centre of Schnellecke and the production site of BMW are separated by a railway line and only connected via an underpass. Here only the load train Factory Trains were considered. “Before planning the start of operations in 2017, it was clear to us that we would use Neumaier Factory Trains” says Dominik Kiermeier, Operational Director VZ-2 Landshut. 

From the ‘Supermarkt’ of Schnellecke Logistics 8 load trains commute in a two-shift operation back and forth and drive through the underpass several times a day in all kinds of weather. The load train Factory Trains from Neumaier have a special weather protection to protect the goods when used outdoors. Each load carrier can take up to 5 loads units. Loading and unloading can be done from both sides for maximum flexibility. “The drivers are all very satisfied with the handling of the Factory Train. The opening of the weather protection and the loading and unloading ramps work perfectly. Also from the production there has only been positive feedback so far. Everyone is very happy with the supply by the Factory Trains”, says Dominik Kiermeier.

Schnellecke Group AG & Co. KG

The Schnellecke Group is an international operating family business that offers a variety of logistic services. The focus is on offering added value logistics for the automobile industry. Schnellecke created all-encompassing concepts including transport, warehousing, pre-assembling and added value services in addition to sequenced production of individual components and modules as well as container suitable packaging.

Under the umbrella brand, Schnellecke Logistics has a product portfolio available that covers the complete process chain of automobile logistics. In addition to that develops and produces the umbrella brand KWD automotive constructive car body lightweight solutions.

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